Beatline BQX

System Controller


The BQX is a versatile analogue system controller, housed in asingle 1U 1.75" (44mm) x 19" (483mm) standard rack unit, whichhas been specifically designed to enhance the performance of AQSeries loudspeakers.

It provides stereo 2-way active crossover functions forintegrating Beatline28, Beatline10, Beatline12 and Beatline15 full-rangeloudspeakers with Beatline112, 210, 212 and 215 sub-bassenclosures. The controller also acts as an advanced systemlimiter to protect Beatline Series loudspeakers from accidentaldamage or premature ageing. Limiter thresholds may be user-selected to cater for a wide range of amplifier topologies.

The BQX’s 20K ohm balanced input impedance is suitable forboth professional and music industry signal sources, whilst its low62 ohm output impedance makes it suitable for driving longcables or multiple amplifier inputs in distributed system designs.



  • Dedicated Beatline Series analogue controller
  • User configurable for specific Beatline Series combinations
  • 2-way stereo operation
  • Advanced limiter design
  • 1U 1.75" (44mm) x 19" (483mm) standard rack unit


  • Control of Beatline Series loudspeakers
  • Live and fixed installation use


Technical Specification – View
INPUTS 2 x XLR3 20k ohms electronically balanced,
CMRR 60dB 20Hz - 10 hz
OUTPUTS 4 x XLR3 electronically balanced
Max output +20dBu into 600 ohms
FREQUENCY RESPONSE -3dB @ 18Hz 12dB/octave
-3dB @ 45Hz 12dB/octave
(ultimately set by system parameters)
SYSTEM PARAMETERS User configurable for specific Beatline Series combinations
LIMITERS Individual for each channel
Ratio 20:1. Theshold range = 12dBu to +12Bu in 16 steps
DIMENSIONS (W) 483mm x (H) 44mm x (D) 155mm
(W) 19ins x (H) 1.75ins x (D) 6.1ins
WEIGHT 2.4kg (5.3lbs)
Technical Drawing – View


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